“Before I die” in Ras Al Khaimah

Before I Die2How often do we take each day of our lives for granted?

How often do we fail to appreciate every single thing that comes our way?

How often do we fail to acknowledge every single opportunity that faith gives us?

How often to we fail to thank every single person that comes into our lives and make a change?

I know for myself that often meant more than what it is suppose to. Clearly, I’m not a perfect person nor am I anywhere near that perfection. Often, I fail and I forget. But one thing is for sure, I wi
ll never fail to remember how precious life is and I will never forget how beautiful life is. I have been brought here as the being that I am with a purpose and no different than anybody else.

Al Hamra Village (Al Hamra Real Estate Development LLC) Ras Al Khaimah had launched the “Before I Die” project which I myself never knew it existed. It took place last April 16 & 17 along with their Al Hamra Market at Al Hamra Marina Royal Yacht Club. This project actually was done and put up for a great purpose. For every single person, may it be a UAE local or expat, to realize that life is precious. Reminding every being that each day has to be lived by heart, embracing both success and hardship knowing that everything happens for a reason. Just keep the faith up and running, smile and keep fighting the battle you are destined to win.

On a personal note, seeing this board makes me remember the people I have loved and lost. Asking myself what could have been their last goal before departing. Remembering how much they have influenced me as a person and my life. In my heart I could only end up to one single thought, they have inspired me to be the person that I am right now.

I know I have written only one thing. “Before I die, I want to be somebody”.  I want to be someone who have touched at least another person’s life. I want to be someone who will always be remembered by a smile that hides all the pain and hardship. I want to be someone who could be successful and being accountable for it alone. I want to be someone who simply dreamed of proving my worth in this earth. How about you? What do you desire in life before you die?



Perhaps one of the most tiring yet fulfilling day so far. 

Been running here there and everywhere. Then again preparing for an event is and will always be the most tiring thing you could ever encounter. At least in most of the industry there is. Sometimes you just have to extend your efforts up to the extent of your job description, it’s being a team player. 😊

What you should know about being ONLINE!

0bdcfecIt’s not enough that you put your company profile on linkedin or create a page on facebook. Setting-up your twitter, instagram or youtube account is just a tiny slice of your beginning. Yes, everybody can do social media as it is. Probably most of us understand how it works. Most often than not, would only be according to ones own experience.

Common misconception about working on social media is that it is purely fun and easy. That you can sit and relax at the office and just make your brain work on what to post next. Let me speak on behalf of other social media practitioner. Yes, social media (i.e facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram, youtube, google_ linkedin etc) may sound so easy to handle, but it’s not, at least on business perspective. It isn’t taught in universities, where you can get a degree on. Yet, there’s way more things you have to learn in doing it, and when I say “doing it”, I mean doing it effectively. Dealing with your company’s social media is way harder than you think, because there’s more to it than just having online presence to support your website.

These are the things I think you have to keep in mind. Social media for your company;

  • Means, you being present on the online universe, but not in all social media channels. It’s not a requirement for you to have a profile in all social media channel you may know of. Decide, study and analyze which one of these could help you reach your market.
  • Is time consuming at least during the time that you’re venturing to this kind of universe. Simple as it may look like, to tell you the truth, it’s not. You have to constantly be active on it. In all necessary platforms. Your target market has to have that constant reminder to be much more aware as to who you are, what you do, what you have and where you are.
  • Requires constant creativity. Yup, 5 o’clock, time to drive home. Nope, it does not end there.

While it is clear that you have to be selling yourself (as a company) to the market, keep in mind that it’s not just through marketing yourself that matters to public. It’s how you cater to their interest, that would mean you, having humor or simply a “good morning” messages and so. Not only bo be remembered by what you offer but be remembered by your humor, inspiration and just by being human.

  • Not just about selling, creativity and humour. You have to have that kind of presence online that can also provide customer service.

These days, it’s not just the call center hotline that they try to raise their issues. Most of the time, they consider reaching out a company through facebook page or twitter. Of course, they would also expect a response from you addressing their concern. You wouldn’t want to upset them by having to post promotional stuff while they haven’t got any response from you regarding their complain. That would only give you a negative image.

  • Requires endless learning. Just like any other professions out there, dealing with social media would mean, you as a practitioner, to learn new things. Things that would allow you to execute your ideas efficiently and effectively. Trust me, the list is endless considering the culture of your target market and “the do’s and don’ts” and as I have said, the list goes on.

These are the things I have for now based on first hand experience. 🙂

Finding the way to Happiness

Whenever I have spare time to sit in front of my laptop, I search for reflective stuff or tips in life. I search for ways to live happier, I search for tips to be happy, and the search list goes on.

IMG_6508But then, just recently, I have received a gift from a colleague from India. It was a notebook. A mirrored notebook with matching pen. It was beautiful and it was stunning. I have never seen a notebook like this in my life.  As I open it, I found a touching message with a hope that I write more inspirational things this year and it made me smile. It made my heart happy knowing that there really are people who find the things I write as “Inspiring” so to say. As I close the notebook, I again saw my face in the mirror attached to it’s cover. This time I saw myself smiling much more because of those words written on the first page. Then a thought just came across my head that this would be the perfect time. The time for me to publish my idea of finding happiness. Not very long ago I realize, we don’t need to try finding our own happiness according to other people’s list. We all have unique lives. No one should be living it as a carbon copy of another life. Rather than depending on other people’s list, allow them to be an inspiration to you. You can come up with your own perfect list as you take your journey in finding your own happiness.

Yet, I have a few things that I want to share, hoping that this could inspire you to make your own pattern.

My list isn’t perfect, and I am not claiming nor pushing you to follow my list. I am just sharing with you the simplest things that makes me happy the way I am and the way my life really is.

  • Feel good about yourself. I grew up seeing other people wanting to have whiter skin and now that I have stepped out of the real world, I see a different thing. Now, I see people wanting to have a darker one. I just don’t understand. I am dark and I have bigger body structure than any other ladies out there. Yes I sometimes envy sexy ones, but at the end of the day, I have to tell myself, “I look good”. It makes me feel good and pushes me to look better the next day. You have to remember that we should be looking and treating ourselves the way we wanted to be looked at and treated.
  • Sing at the top of your lungs. You can sing well or not. Who cares? Singing can make you feel good even at the toughest times of your every day. At some point we could get stuck at the moment where you just couldn’t explain what it is that you are feeling. Go to an isolated room, or in your car, sing the hell out of it!
  • Cry hard, but smile and laugh harder. Life can be cruel and life can be unfair. Sometimes, the things we want the most are the things we can never have no matter how much we work hard for them. Yet, don’t ever forget that life is filled with much more that what you desire especially on material things. You just have to decide for yourself whether you’ll give yourself a reason to smile and a reason to be happy. Whenever we commit mistakes, we learn from them and forget them for a while. One day when we remember that one particular mistake, we can’t help but laugh about it. Laugh and be thankful on how much you’ve learned from it.
  • Dream, pray and work hard to achieve them. Dream at your sleep and dream while you are awake. Pray and have faith of the things that you aim for but work hard towards the dream transforming into nothing else but a reality.
  • Stumble. Don’t be a perfectionist. Life won’t be exciting that way cause it was never meant to be perfect. PERFECTION DOES NOT EXIST. Whenever you stumble, never allow yourself to stay there. Get up, keep going and never make the same “wrong move” that made you stumble.
  • Fall in love. Chances are, you’ll have your heart be broken into pieces. It will take time to heal and you’ll fall in love once again. You might fail at some point in keeping the person you love but it doesn’t end there. The happiness that is destined for you to have will come at the right time.
  • Collect and cherish moments. Explore alone. Explore with family. Explore with friends. That’s just about it.
  • Make friends and keep them. Treat everyone as your friend. you’ll never know how much it would mean to them. I am not into the idea of determining who your real friends are and who’s not. Just as long as you remain true to them then it’s enough.
  • Forgive and move on; Apologize and move on. People make mistakes. We all make mistakes. Forget about the ego, forget about the pride. Don’t allow yourself to be stuck in the pain that it caused you. Never revenge; never make the same mistake.
  • Learn. Read books. Attend seminars. Listen to audiobooks and to other people’s success stories. Allow them all to make a big impact in you.

We all have our own unique ways in finding happiness. This is mine. 🙂

Common Linkedin Misuse

(this article was taken from my linkedin profile)

What I am about to say in this article are not and will not be pertaining to a particular group of people, nor a certain age group and so on.
Probably, more than 50% of people who are using professional social media platform such as linkedin are are misusing it. They either do not know it’s sole purpose or they just don’t care / bother to know at all.

To some, social media will be social media. That whatever it is, it is bound to socialize with others over the cyber space. Yes, this is undeniably correct. BUT! Needless to say, they all have their specific purpose that they cater to.
How many times have you encountered a personal message asking for your number or to meet up without informing you their purpose? You know what I mean so I wouldn’t elaborate on that. Now, I’m not saying I get that all the time, but every single time I get these kind of message, it does annoy me. Why? I tend to use professional platforms such as this exactly how it should be used. I do not mingle nor exchange messages unless it has a PROFESSIONAL manner, purpose and approach.
As per the reply perspective, you only have two options. One is to ignore unwanted messages or two, well you can just respond in a respective & diplomatic way.
Why practice the same? Simple
-It would show your professionalism-It creates your credibility in which nobody else will benefit from it other than yourself


Treks to Social Media

Treks to Social Media
Treks to Social Media

Social media career / job (as what others will call it) is more than just being online most of time. Nor is it about just having access to internet 24/7.

Most of the people say that now-a-days, as the online media/marketing is vastly growing, everybody or anybody who is very much active in using social media platforms can do an effective social media. That anybody can be assigned into taking control of your company’s profile. Obviously, people who are thinking this way have very less understanding on the topic, better yet on the career itself.

While the fact does remain unchangeable, it is true that anybody can do social media, but not everybody can make an effective social media practitioner himself. You see, if you are involved in a your company’s social media efforts, being online most of the time is just normal and there’s a long list of must that you have to always keep in mind and practice most of the time. You have to be creative enough in thinking what your audience want to see on your page. Below are some of the things I prefer to keep in mind every single day that I have to emerge myself with the social media world;

  • Keep yourself updated and constantly educated of what’s hot and what’s new in the social media industry. (Learning does not end)
  • Despite the pressure and tension especially if there are issues that are being watched after, it is fun and exciting.
  • I have to be neutral in terms of understanding situation both clients / customers and the entity that you are representing
  • Always be ready to take action and do follow-ups by yourself (As much as possible, never let an issue go on for days without being addressed properly)
  • When posting something on a page / profile, we sometimes forget to double check for so many reasons, but as much as possible avoid MISTAKES and avoid editing errors after they have been posted. Audience can still see your edit history.
  • It’s not bad to sound smart on your posts but keep in mind that people prefer to see artworks, photos, videos and anything eye-catching
  • It is important to know the best times & days to post your contents
  • Being in social media requires endless contents.
  • Never hesitate to ask or confirm things that you need to address to your audience
  • It is important to also show people that your page is not just some “generic response” kind of page, make them feel that you do understand their sentiments

So there you go, these are the few that I was able to write, although my list does not just end there. I’d be adding some things from time to time. I am not a social media guru. I’m just trying my very best to be a responsible social media practitioner that I am.

Hope this somehow helps you out.