Mistake in a SNAP

                sooooooo! it happened to me! I got locked out of my own snapchat account. Why? I’m going to tell you a straight up answer just not to put you into a massive boredom. I got locked out of my own snapchat account because I bought this applicationContinue reading “Mistake in a SNAP”

What you should know about being ONLINE!

It’s not enough that you put your company profile on linkedin or create a page on facebook. Setting-up your twitter, instagram or youtube account is just a tiny slice of your beginning. Yes, everybody can do social media as it is. Probably most of us understand how it works. Most often than not, would onlyContinue reading “What you should know about being ONLINE!”

Common Linkedin Misuse

(this article was taken from my linkedin profile) What I am about to say in this article are not and will not be pertaining to a particular group of people, nor a certain age group and so on. Probably, more than 50% of people who are using professional social media platform such as linkedin areContinue reading “Common Linkedin Misuse”

Treks to Social Media

Social media career / job (as what others will call it) is more than just being online most of time. Nor is it about just having access to internet 24/7. Most of the people say that now-a-days, as the online media/marketing is vastly growing, everybody or anybody who is very much active in using socialContinue reading “Treks to Social Media”

A goal of a nobody’s writing

Years ago out of amusement of a colleague’s (or was it of a professor’s) intellectual capacity to write about so much in his everyday I decided to try blogging myself. Although I didn’t fell in love with it like most of writers or enthusiasts would say, I have to admit it caught a huge partContinue reading “A goal of a nobody’s writing”

Speak to _ _ press.

For the past years of my life that I’ve been writing and publishing the crappy things I write. The things I come up with either by stroking my pen on a piece of paper or tapping the letters on my laptop. Words not from my mind but from my heart. Probably one of the mostContinue reading “Speak to _ _ press.”