Purchase Experience in Holiday Factory

Holiday factorySo, I’ve been hearing and seeing a lot of fuzz about Armenia and its beauty. I have decided to look for the cheapest way to get there. Been searching left and right then I found several options including Holiday Factory

I wasn’t really the cheapest I guess cause the 999AED was no longer available plus, I preferred to stay in a 4-star hotel so there was like about 400AED price difference. The way it actually work is that once you purchase the travel voucher, you are suppose to submit an online request for your travel date through their website. Now, I have indicated my first name and last name on the online form and submitted hoping that they can inform me when I can travel. 3 days later, I received a voucher and invoice confirming that my alternative travel date has been approve. Mind you, it was all find with me. I later realize that it was only my first name and last name which was on the ticket which kind of freaked me out. I tried getting in touch with the holiday factory team to get hold of the situation, but the conversation started to heat up when Sally from their team called me up to say that I have to pay AED 500 to add my 2nd name which appears on my passport and said that I may not be allowed to travel because the name on the ticket is a different person. Guess what, IT’S NOT! It is the exact same first name and exact same last name that is in my passport. I have decided to get hold of the Fly Dubai social media team to have much better assistance and better understanding as you can see below.

As you can see on the image, Fly Dubai has confirmed that first name and last name are the mosunnamedt critical information. What I don’t understand is why Holiday Factory did not even manage to inform me about this (which I am pretty sure they already know) instead, tried to make me pay the amount of AED 500 just to add my freaking 2nd name on my ticket?

I just hope nobody falls into this kind of trap. As a consumer, I sort of felt as if I was attempted to be robbed. Considering that it was my first experience purchasing a holiday with them, I might be 200% extra careful next time. I hope you are too.

Mistake in a SNAP











it happened to me!

I got locked out of my own snapchat account. Why?

I’m going to tell you a straight up answer just not to put you into a massive boredom.

I got locked out of my own snapchat account because I bought this application from app store called snap upload. Snap upload is supposedly a good application for people like me who is into social media (of course excluding the fact of being locked out of your account). It will allow you to upload photos & videmzl.altyzrpdos straight up from you camera roll, which of course snap chat doesn’t allow you to do so. However, you should be aware by now that these certain activity is currently unauthorized by snapchat developers. You might be able to download it for free which I also did in the first place but I decided to purchase the full version. You see, the free download that you can get will only give you 50 coins as initial credits, believe me, you wouldn’t want to know how much ads you had to watch to increase your coin counts.. One upload, one coin.

Eventually it was only in the later part of enjoying the app did the disappointment hit me. I got locked out of my snapchat account due to the fact that I did not even bother to check if this particular app is even authorized to be used for snap accounts. Actually, so far nothing is confirmed to have the authorization from snapchat to do these sort of uploading.

So I would suggest for you to forget about these kind of “third-party-apps”. Unless of course announced by the developer of snapchat.

Hope you won’t make the same purchase and mistake I have done with this 3rd-party app.



snapchat: iamcass

Apple for Further Productivity

Been a while since I last created an entry in my blog. Not because I became less interested in writing or sharing my thoughts, because really, it’s not only my blog that suffered but all my social media accounts.

Why did this happen? Well it’s simple, I’ve been working a lot the past days, weeks and months. I mean literally in new projects which I enjoy waaaaaay too much. But then, despite enjoying the all of that I do encounter some problems from time to time. From lack of sleep, lack of memory and lack of time.

There are times where I prefer working in an organized way and times where I prefer to work in a messy way and just being all around cause sometimes it does allow me to explore ideas more. But then each day I struggle in dealing with the fact that I forget things, I have some delayed stuff and even unfinished tasks. You see I recently shifted from Windows to Mac and everyone who did the same can agree that it’s really a big shift with almost everything and it does take some patience. Okay, so upon shifting I did struggle even more with organizing my stuff and tasks and I spent months and months trying to search for something, anything, that could at least help me sort out my life in that aspect. Then I bump into this software which is called Blotter, which I immediately searched for details. When I first saw that images of how it looks on your desktop, I was “wowed”. Cause it’s exactly what I was looking for, something that will constantly be on my exact desktop with all the things I need to comply with on a day-to-day basis. Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 1.06.01 PM Of course it depends on your preferred settings but I want to have always open to avoid forgetting things. But the good stuff doesn’t end there. Since I have iPhone and iPad everything that is within my list from the desktop appears on both device in iCal and Reminders. Plus you get to customize the shortcuts you’ll be needing to input your stuff in there. So I purchased it in UAE for a price of AED 36.99, and I do think it’s worth it. I hope this can help you guys who are also looking for stuff to sort things out everyday.