My Stella!

  I got little Stella!!!!! My little Stella! I’ve always been so picky when choosing caps for myself for several reasons. The very main one is that my face shape doesn’t fit any type of caps, and mind you, this is why I rarely get one for myself. I hate spending so much time inContinue reading “My Stella!”

HOPO Experience Dubai

I’ve heard about this new restaurant branch that opened up at the Manila Bldg in Satwa Dubai. I went with my friends and I have to say, driving from Ras Al Khaimah to Dubai to have dinner there is just worth it. The ambiance is great, not to mention the “instagramable” interior (lol). The placeContinue reading “HOPO Experience Dubai”

Purchase Experience in Holiday Factory

So, I’ve been hearing and seeing a lot of fuzz about Armenia and its beauty. I have decided to look for the cheapest way to get there. Been searching left and right then I found several options including Holiday Factory I wasn’t really the cheapest I guess cause the 999AED was no longer available plus,Continue reading “Purchase Experience in Holiday Factory”

Mistake in a SNAP

                sooooooo! it happened to me! I got locked out of my own snapchat account. Why? I’m going to tell you a straight up answer just not to put you into a massive boredom. I got locked out of my own snapchat account because I bought this applicationContinue reading “Mistake in a SNAP”

Apple for Further Productivity

Been a while since I last created an entry in my blog. Not because I became less interested in writing or sharing my thoughts, because really, it’s not only my blog that suffered but all my social media accounts. Why did this happen? Well it’s simple, I’ve been working a lot the past days, weeksContinue reading “Apple for Further Productivity”