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My name is Cassandra, a Filipino expat living in UAE.
I'm not smart. I'm not talented. Nor am I have the potential to be a writer.

This blog site is merely a reflection of what I see in life. How I see life.

I capture magical moments in some days.

I write what I feel at some bits and pieces of life.

I write not to impress. But I write to definitely express. Nothing more, nothing less.

I write not to show the whole world that I am that smart one who always have something to say. Who has an opinion that always matter.

Frankly, I know I am just me who say what I got to say.

A little inspiration

Sometimes it’s worth scribbling your goals in life. Though some people will call it unorganized or simply a waste of time, there is more to it than whatever others might call it. You will still have the final say. I just hope you remember this, most of the extraordinary beautiful things in this world are…

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Restaurante Linda Vista

A restaurant that has definitely stood in time. When I travelled to Costa Rica, I had so many placed on my wishlist. But one thing is for sure, my wishlist was just filled with natural places. Coming down from Irazu Volcano, chances are, you’ll encounter this restaurant that would definitely look old from outside and…

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Atlantis Aquaventure: is it worth it? Parque acuatico Atlantis: vale la pena?

I’ve been living in UAE for the past 8 years and I’ve never really tried spending so much on trying to make myself experience the “cool” stuff or the “fancy” stuff in life. So this year, a sudden pop-up caught my attention, a so-called “birthday present” from Atlantis Aquaventure that would actually let me access…

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