Dubai Autodrome:Formula DXB Stage 1 Experience

Gifted and experience to my boyfie and I have to say, after a week, he’s still talking about how much fun he had in there. Since I’m always nervous, I think this is the closest he and I could get in racing or anything similar. Totally worth and I haven’t seen my boyfie as excited as he was in here.

Thank you so much to all the staff of the Dubai Autodrome.

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A little inspiration

instagram: mscassandrasSometimes it’s worth scribbling your goals in life. Though some people will call it unorganized or simply a waste of time, there is more to it than whatever others might call it. You will still have the final say. I just hope you remember this, most of the extraordinary beautiful things in this world are not planned nor organized. Most of the time, they are just mixed & matched thoughts & Ideas that creates something worth remembering .

Only you have the allegory of its making.

Restaurante Linda Vista

Instagram Photo @mscassandras

A restaurant that has definitely stood in time.

When I travelled to Costa Rica, I had so many placed on my wishlist. But one thing is for sure, my wishlist was just filled with natural places.

Coming down from Irazu Volcano, chances are, you’ll encounter this restaurant that would definitely look old from outside and you’d not expect anything in the inside. Once you do, you’d be amazed how much stuff were kept by the walls, the counters, the stairs. Basically in the whole restaurant.


It was on 1974 did this craze started. I couldn’t tell you how it was before, but I can tell you, NO ONE MISSED TO LEAVE something behind.

Once you go to Costa Rica, try to find this place and be amazed. Not only with what has been left over time, but with their food with authentic Costa Rican taste. Of course, how would I dare to forget to tell you how refreshing the location is. The coffee is the best here with the scenery.


My Own Corporate 101 Learning 1

dscf2023.jpgSometimes, being in a management position at the age of 30 can cause you many great things, always be teaching you stuff in the corporate world. Some may be the good stuff while some can be the rough stuff. (Yes, clearly there are people who are younger than 30 and yet within the management team and who are doing really great, but believe me, sadly it’s not easy when you’re an expat and a Filipino. Or at least based on my experience)

But for one reason or another, regardless your age, never disregard the value of yourself just for the sake of keeping your so-called “designation”. Your self-value is not about the job title you hold. It’s how you are at work.

Being away from home for the past 8 years, having no one from my family with me has taught be a lot in life. From enduring your own physical pain, because you fear the expense of medical procedures or simply because you don’t want to make a big deal out of it. Or those times at work where political games are being played, yet you couldn’t speak up fearing to lose your job. Let’s not forget to mention the fact that you miss being with the family from time to time, after all, family is home.

Enough of the slight, back-story.

Let me share with you a recent learning.

You can show-off your full capacity and talents when you recently join your new company. One way or another, you can never be too sure if you will be appreciated or not. Let’s face it, sometimes, people tend to look into where you are from before they acknowledge the things you have done or will be able to do. In which we can never hide that there are a lot, and I mean a lot that will only rely on where you are from before they determine what you deserve in return of what you have laid down on the table.

True, there’s a million jobs for you out there. It may take some time for you to find what really is for you, but in whatever case, never let go of your own values in life and for yourself. No one will give importance to you in the corporate world unless you, yourself will do so.

Atlantis Aquaventure: is it worth it? Parque acuatico Atlantis: vale la pena?

aquaparkI’ve been living in UAE for the past 8 years and I’ve never really tried spending so much on trying to make myself experience the “cool” stuff or the “fancy” stuff in life.

So this year, a sudden pop-up caught my attention, a so-called “birthday present” from Atlantis Aquaventure that would actually let me access the aqua park for free. So I signed up for it, I mean, who wouldn’t for something for free right?

Went there, had to park a bit farther than the entrance where there will be a shuttle bus waiting to transfer us back to the aquapark. We had to pay of course for my plus 1, which is AED345.00 and AED50.00 for one small locker. We had fun, on the simple aspects. We enjoyed about 2 slides I guess and perhaps letting ourselves enjoy getting washed out by the water. We also enjoyed looking at the dolphins from afar where you can actually book for an activity with them with as much as AED800.00 (I think) and you’re not allowed to take your own cameras with you because they have their own professional photographers where you will be charged separately. Oh good Lord.  I know.

The same actually goes with the sea lions. So we just enjoyed watching them from outside their isolated swimming area.

Well, I couldn’t really complain cause though we paid for the entrance of my partner, it was more of a buy-1 take-1 kind of deal cause mine was free. But come to think about it, I don’t think I would be paying for AED345.00 entrance fee if I know I would do all the slides they have inside.

Don’t get me wrong, it was an experience of a lifetime, but not on my price range.

Nonetheless, thank you Atlantis Aquaventure for the birthday gift.


He estado viviendo en EAU por 8 años ya y nunca me dedique a hacer de mi experiencia la mas divertida o lujosa de mi vida

Entonces este año, repentinamente algo llama mi atención, yo lo llamo regalo de cumpleaños de Atlantis Aquaventure que me dejo disfrutar del parque acuatico gratis. Entonces fui por el, es decir, quien no iria de gratis?

Una vez ahi, tuve que parquear un poco lejos de la entrada donde una buseta espera para llevarnos al parque acuatico. Tuvimos que pagar desde luego por mi acompañante la suma de 345 dirhams y 50 dirhams por un guardaropa pequeño. Nos divertimos en los pequeños detalles. Disfrutamos de dos toboganes y tambien dejandonos mojar en las piscinas. Tambien disfrutamos viendo los Delfines desde lejos donde puedes reservar para estar con ellos, que cuesta alrededor de 800 dirhams creo, y no esta permitido usar tus propias camaras, porque ellos tienen sus propios fotografos, eso es un Pago adicional. Oh Dios ! Yo se

Lo mismo ocurre con los leones marinos, entonces solo disfrutamos viendolos desde afuera de sus estanques.

Bueno no podria quejarme ya que solo Pagamos la entrada de mi acompañante, fue mas un trato de compre uno y obtenga uno gratis, Pero pensemoslo, yo no creo que pagaria 345 dirhams de entrada si se que no voy a utilizar todos los toboganes que tienen.

No me malinterpretes fue una experiencia muy buena, pero no en mi rango de precio.

Muchísimas gracias Atlantis por el regalo de cumpleaños

VlogMas: Santa on the Zipline (The Making)


It was that productive day that we had to go with Santa on the Zipline.

The Middle East’s first commercial Via Ferrata is located at Jebel Jais Ras Al Khaimah, UAE, the UAE’s highest mountain. Professional instructors will guide you along our spectacular route. Enjoy 3 thrilling zip lines as you traverse more than 1km along the mountain route. With morning and afternoon start times available.

Ras Al Khaimah Fine Arts Festival 2018


Can’t help but feel so excited for this event.

I’ve always had an eye for arts and creativity.

Got a glimpse of some trailers and masterpieces of the artists for 2018 and may I just say, they’re worth the time to see and appreciate.

The Festival opens with a networking reception allowing visitors and artists to connect and interact in an extraordinary atmosphere of the evening during which an awarding ceremony for Visual Arts and Photography categories will take place.


Ras Al Khaimah National Museum


Friday, February 16, 2018


Red carpet: 7:00 P.M.
Ceremony start: 8:00 P.M.

Dress Code

National dress or Cocktail dress / Lounge suit


For more info:


Lamentasyon: OFW Pride and Story

LamentasyonLamentasyon (Lamentation), meaning the passionate expression of grief or sorrow; weeping.

The word might have a very deep meaning, but for me, it is more than just a word of sorrow. It is a word of pride as an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker), in other word, an expat specifically in UAE.

Lamentasyon is a full-length feature film of a full-house Filipino expats in UAE. the film is inspired by the psychological impact of working away from family, Lamentasyon looks into the common problems faced by most OFWs in the UAE. However, it casts a spotlight on these challenges from a different angle, as it explores the conflicts and struggles experienced by OFWs by looking at their psychological impact. (Made in UAE Filipino film set to make waves , Gulf News)

Take time to remind yourself that being an OFW away from our families is actually more than just our balikbayan boxes or the money we send every now and then. It is also having to be sick with no one  having the take care of us. Having to spend our birthdays away from you, even being jealous of all of you celebrating special occasions together with us being away. You can so-little understand that we go through our own struggles and that we have to keep them all from you to not make you worry about us. Yet, do not forget that despite all the hardships we face away from you, physically, mentally and emotionally, the happiness and fulfillment we feel knowing that we are able to provide for you will always be priceless.  

Social media platforms tend to be a temporary escape of most OFWs showing that they are having the time of their lives or “living the life” away from home. What most people don’t see is the reality, the struggle and the pain each of us are really feeling and going through. Let this film be the key for you to open your eyes and see the reality.

Lamentasyon releases in the UAE on December 6, 20:00 at Vox Cinemas, City Centre Deira.


I salute all my fellow OFWs for being strong enough to be where you are right now, of course, to my fellow OFWs who are involved in this film. Congratulations!